Dry Needling                       30min                         R350

This treatment reduces the depth of deep wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Excellent for the treatment of stretch marks and scars.


3D Areola repigmentation            2 hr                        R900             R300

Vitiligo coverage                           1 hr                         R750             R500

Scarring: to be discussed after consultation.                         




Bikini                                         R500                         G-string                                R600

Brazilian                                     R750                       Umbilical Line                     R200

Upper Lip                                   R200                       Chin                                      R200  

Neck                                          R350                       Between Brows                   R100

Underarm                         from    R350                   Spot Treatment                     R80

Full Leg & Bikini                from    R2000               Half Leg (above knee)        R700

Full Leg & Brazilian            from    R2500              Full Leg              from       R1700

Feet & Toes                                R 200                    Ladies Forearm                   R600




Targeted treatment for wrinkle reduction and tightening. An alternative to plastic surgery. Repairs and reverses signs of ageing eg wrinkles, liver spots, skin tags, and small red/blue spider veins.


Hooded eyelids                           R 850                     Crows Feet                   R 450

Under eye bags                           R 500                     Ear wrinkles                 R 300

Upper lip treatment                    R 750                     Lip flip                           R 500

Smokers lines                             R 750                     Fuller looking lip

Sagging Jowl lines                     R 950                     Under chin                   R 500

Neck: from                                   R500                      Flabby Upper arms   R1800

Knees                                           R850                      Tummy                        R1850

Labia folds                                  R550                      Hands                           R 650


Please note that a minimum of 3 treatments, every two months, are required for the desired effect. Any other skin tightening not listed here can be discussed with your therapist in confidentiality.



Full Deep Cleanse                                   90min                         R380

This facial is ideal for the oily/acne and congested skin types to cleanse the skin from impurities such as black- and whiteheads and will thus control further breakouts.


Pepita                                                       30min                         R380

Let us make a difference to your skin with this FDA approved machine from Italy. All the dead skin cells are gently polished off with a specialized corrundum powder. The ideal treatment is 3 days before an important event. Your skin will look younger and more radiant than ever.

Add the neck area:                                                                 R200

Deep Cleanse & Pepita                            90min                         R650


T-Zone Deep Cleanse                               60min                         R280

Ideal for the slightly congested skin types to keep breakouts under control.


Hydrating Facial                                       60min                         R450

Moisture surge for the dry and dehydrated skin. Spoil your skin with special oil blends from our Lillian Terry range to restore your skin’s moisture levels. The facial is rounded off with a relaxing décolleté massage. You will leave feeling relaxed and your facial lines much softer.


Dermaplane Facial

Stimulates collagen synthesis, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliate and remove surface debris and reduces pigmentation.            60 min                   R380




Microneedling        with a Pen and not the roller         

A revolutionary approach by which natural collagen production is stimulated to smoothen and tighten lax skin and to reduce wrinkles and pigmentation. The main focus being the transdermal delivery of active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. A Course of 6 treatments, one every month, is highly recommended. Face, neck, décolleté and body.


Face x 6                                                          120min                              R4200

1 x treatment                                                                                              R900

Neck x 6                                                          30min                               R2400

1 x treatment                                                                                              R500

Face & Neck x 6                                             120min                            R7800



Eyebrows:      Powder/Ombre                  90 min          R1500           R450

                         Microblading                     90 min          R1700           R650

Eyeliner                                                       60 min          R 900            R350  

Eyeliner: Top or Bottom                           45 min           R 700            R250

Lip Liner                                                     60 min           R1200           R450

Full Lip Gloss                                          120 min           R2500           R500

Full Lip Colour (3 treatments)               120 min          R2500           R800

Additional touch-up                                                                               R800

Touchups and correctional work on existing permanent makeup on non-clients to be discussed during free consultation.

Colour refresh on brows, eyeliner lips and after a couple of years: 50% of current price.    

Brows, eyes and lip liner require a minimum of 2 procedures.  However, a full lip might require 3 treatments to create ‘solid colour’. We also offer touch-ups or correctional procedures e.g.; pigments changing colour to pink, purple, orange, blue or grey. Permanent makeup removals can also be done.

Semi-Permanent Tint

Eyebrow tint R50               Eyelash tint R 80                Lash/brow tint         R120         



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