Spider Vein Treatment

Half of all women will experience Spider Veins during their lifetime.  These clusters of red, purple, or blue web-like veins can appear almost anywhere on the body; but they are primarily seen on the thighs, legs, ankles, and even the face.  Unsightly veins are often shameful and embarrassing.  Women with Spider Veins may choose to forgo shorts, skirts, and swimwear; anything that exposes the legs.  There are many factors that can ultimately cause Spider Veins; these include pregnancy, hormonal shifts, weight gain, long hours spent on the feet, and heredity.  Unfortunately, these unsightly areas cannot be eliminated without assistance.

Spider Vein Therapy, also referred to as Laser Vein Therapy, is a cosmetic treatment designed to safely and efficiently eliminate Spider Veins, significantly improving the skin’s appearance.  Using a specialized hand piece, Spider Vein Therapy employs a pulsed laser-light, emitted over the targeted area of skin.  Energy from the laser causes the vein to coagulate, eventually breaking down and becoming reabsorbed by the body.

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The Ideal Candidate for Laser Vein Therapy:

Patients of any age, dealing with unsightly ‘spider-like’ veins can benefit from Laser Vein Therapy.  Women and men in generally good health, who understand the treatment, and have realistic expectations for the procedure will make the best candidates for Spider Vein Treatment at the Vitenas Skin Institute.

Varicose Veins are not the same as Spider Veins; these are not treated in the same manner.  Larger and darker in color, Varicose Veins may be the sign of a more serious health condition.  Patients experiencing these bulging veins should have them evaluated by their physician.

The Laser Vein Procedure:

Laser Vein Therapy is performed in an office-suite at the Vitenas Skin Institute.  The procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and does not require any anesthesia.  A small, handheld device will be passed over the predetermined treatment area, sending out quick, concentrated bursts of laser light.  As the head of the laser cools the area both before and after the laser pulse, the procedure is not considered painful; patients normally report a pin-prick sensation.

Most Spider Veins can be eliminated with one or two treatment sessions.  The number of sessions required will depend on the area being treated.  An alternative to Laser Vein Therapy is Sclerotherapy; the process of injecting a hardening chemical into the affected vein.  After Sclerotherapy, as with Laser Vein Therapy, the body will reabsorb and eliminate the isolated veins.

Recovery After Spider Vein Laser Treatment:

No downtime is required after a Laser Vein Therapy session.  Patients are able to return immediately to work or school.  While some redness and swelling may initially occur, this will quickly fade over the first several hours.  Bruising in the treatment area may take between one and two weeks to resolve.  The legs should remain slightly elevated, especially for patients spending long hours behind a desk.  Only patients with large treatment areas will be required to wear support hose.  For the first several weeks, strenuous exercise should be avoided, as well as prolonged exposure to the sun and UV rays.

Laser Vein Therapy can be used to eliminate Blood blisters and Cherry Hemangiomas, as well.  Spider Vein Therapy can be combined with other cosmetic procedures for optimal aesthetic results.  Skin firming treatments with Cutera Titan can further correct lax or discolored areas of the skin.  Talk to your esthetician at the Vitenas Skin Institute for more information.

Spider Vein Treatment FAQ:

What is a Spider Vein treatment?

The appearance of Spider Veins, small red or purple vessels under the skin, can be eliminated through a noninvasive laser treatment; this is referred to as Laser Vein Therapy.  The pulsed laser energy will target individual Spider Veins, collapsing the vessels, and slowing fading over the coming weeks

What areas are Spider Vein treatments successful?

With the CoolGlide laser, the Vitenas Skin Institute can successfully treat Spider Veins on the face, arms, legs, and body.

How long do the results from a Spider Vein treatment last?

After one to two treatments, the targeted Spider Vein should disappear permanently.  You may continue to get new Spider Veins over time, although these can be removed through a repeated Laser Vein treatment.

Where is the Spider Vein treatment performed?

All Laser Vein Therapy sessions are performed at the Vitenas Skin Institute, centrally located in Houston.  Our office is only a short drive from the Galleria, and easily accessible from all the surrounding areas including League City, Conroe, and Cinco Ranch.

Am I a good candidate for a Spider Vein treatment?

The ideal candidate for Spider Vein Treatment will be a healthy man or woman, frustrated with small Spider Veins on the face or body.

Will anesthesia be used during the Spider Vein treatment?

No anesthesia is required during Laser Vein therapy.  The cutting-edge Cutera CoolGlide device, used by the Vitenas Skin Institute, cools the skin both before and after the laser-pulse.

Is the Spider Vein treatment painful?

Laser Vein Therapy causes minimal discomfort, and therefore no anesthesia is needed.  Patients report feeling a ‘pin prick’ as the hand piece delivers its laser energy.

How long will a Spider Vein treatment take to perform?

Normally, a Spider Vein treatment session will take between 15 and 30 minutes to perform.

What can I expect from the Spider Vein treatment recovery period?

Patients should expect to have some localized redness and swelling immediately a Laser Vein treatment.  These will normally fade over the first few hours.  Bruising may also occur, and may take up to two weeks to completely resolve.  Patients may be required to wear support hose over the first several weeks.  While sun and UV exposure should be postponed until at least two weeks have passed, normal activities can be resumed immediately after a Laser Vein Therapy.

What are the risks of a Spider Vein treatment?

Laser Vein Therapy should only be provided by an experienced nurse or esthetician; under the guidance of a Board Certified cosmetic surgeon. When properly executed, the treatment has few risks.  If they occur, these can include skin irritation and hyperpigmentation.

When can I return to work after my Spider Vein treatment?

Patients are able to immediately return to work or school, following a Laser Vein Therapy session; although strenuous exercise should be postponed for the first three days.  Patients should avoid tanning the week before and the week after their Spider Vein treatment, as well as refrain from flying during this time.

How much does the Spider Vein treatment cost?

Each individual treatment will cost between $150 and $300.  Depending on the treatment area, more than one Spider Vein treatment may be required.  Laser Vein Therapy packages are available.

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